Curriculum and Educational Resources

Spring 2024 is the last season of our USDA Grant-funded curriculum update! Our Curriculum Specialist, Charlotte Sandkuhler, has created a new seasonal Lesson Menu. We welcome your input!

Garden Lesson Videos and Activities

Created for home learning during the pandemic, these videos are presented by seasoned educators, based on our 2018-2021 curriculum. Each lesson comes with suggestions for activities to be done at home, in a garden, or in a yard or neighborhood.

Lessons for spring gardens
  • 1st Grade – Planting Lettuce – Parents and Offspring
lessons for late summer gardens
  • PreK – Exploring Pumpkins and Sunflowers
  • Kindergarten – Garden Scientists Using Our 5 Senses
  • 1st Grade – Seed Exploration
  • 2nd Grade – Insects And Their Habitats
  • 3rd Grade – Fall Harvest Producers and Consumers
  • 4th Grade – Nutrition in the Garden
  • 5th Grade – Plant vs. Human Structures and Systems
Lessons for any time of year

There are many other school garden support organizations around the country that have share resources! we’re sharing some of our favorites here: