Our Program

The Garden to Table program is a partnership between schools, the community and our little nonprofit. Read about the roles of principals, teachers, parents and volunteers to better understand how it works. Garden To Table provides gardens, curriculum and support to schools in Boulder County and surrounding areas. Currently serving 15 schools in Boulder Valley School District and one in Golden, our program touches 308 teachers and more than 6,000 students. We provide everything a school needs to maintain a garden and use it for teaching and learning. Our Garden Team makes weekly check-ups to ensure your school garden is thriving. Our standards-based curriculum includes lesson plans for grades PreK through 5th, addressing science concepts while engaging students in gardening tasks. Our Program Team provides instructional resources and consultation to support teachers in program implementation. To bring Garden to Table to your school, email lindsey@gardentotable.org.

Watch this short video to hear more about how our partnership and program work!

Who’s involved

  • Principals provide program leadership throughout the school community
  • Teachers implement the standards-based garden lessons
  • Parents and Community Volunteers assist the teachers during garden lessons and provide garden care
  • Garden to Table staff provide the guidance, support, and scheduling needed to maintain a garden and use it for teaching and learning


  • Enrich student education by using on-site gardens to teach academic subjects through hands-on lessons
  • Address health & environmental issues by teaching the importance of food choice, gardening skills, and ecological knowledge
  • Build community by engaging schools and local community through special events and volunteer opportunities

Learn about our partnering schools.