Our Program

Garden To Table is a comprehensive elementary school program that incorporates academic learning into a school garden. We have developed standards-based lessons which provide students with opportunities to use science, math and language arts in a garden setting learning first-hand about ecology, biology of plants and animals, weather and climate, and the importance of supporting healthy ecosystems.

The program brings the school and the local community together to address the health, education and environmental issues facing society.

Who’s involved

  • Principals provide program leadership throughout the school community
  • Teachers enrich education through academic standards-based garden lessons
  • Parents and Community Volunteers support classroom lessons and provide garden care


  • Enrich student education by using on-site gardens to teach academic subjects through hands-on lessons.
  • Address health & environmental issues by teaching the importance of food choice, gardening skills, and ecological knowledge.
  • Build community by engaging schools and local community through special events and volunteer opportunities .

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