Fall Harvest – Producers and Consumers

2020 (and 2009) Colorado Academic Social Studies Standard 3.3.1

Appropriate for grades 2-4

Garden to Table Program Director Lindsey (English) and Garden Coordinator/Educator Gabriela (Spanish) ask students to think about producers and consumers in connection to the fall harvest. 3rd graders can brainstorm with us then work at home to find connections between producers and consumers in the economy and even the natural environment! A worksheet and online materials are provided for more learning at home.

NOTE TO TEACHERS: If you plan to use both the Spanish and English versions of these videos, please note that they have different harvests shown. The English video shows onions and carrots being harvested, while the Spanish highlights zucchini and tomato. (The tomato is a really cool “Godzilla Tomato” variety, so that part of the video may be fun to show to students no matter which language they learn best in!)

No printer? No worries! Create your own version of the worksheet, or just use it as a guide to discuss with your class or family.

Produce Price Sheet – ENGLISH

What do you wonder about? What connections can you make?

Video lesson for 3rd Grade, in English, harvesting fall crops and learning about producers and consumers.

Produce Price Sheet – SPANISH

¿De qué te preguntas? ¿Qué conexiones puedes hacer?

Video lesson for 3rd Grade, in Spanish, harvesting fall crops and learning about producers and consumers.

Please visit your Garden to Table garden to explore and learn! Students are encouraged to bring materials for drawing, journaling, or completing worksheets provided on our website. If you do visit a garden please help us to keep each other safe:

  • Be mindful of social distancing and avoid visiting when others are present.  All municipal and BVSD regulations must be followed.  Please practice social distancing and wear a mask when others are present.
  • Help keep our staff and volunteers safe by not touching garden and irrigation equipment.
  • Produce from these gardens is being donated to local food banks for families in need.  Please only harvest if in coordination with Garden to Table staff.
  • Many plants start looking a little beat up in this late part of the growing season.  Other than vandalism, there’s a good chance that what you see is just a normal part of the late-season process.
  • School buildings are not open and may not be accessed for restrooms or any other purpose.
  • Concerns or questions about the garden?  Please email us at info@gardentotable.org. For irrigation emergencies, please call us at 303-564-0133.