Planting Lettuce – Parents and Offspring

2020 Colorado Academic Science Standard 1.2.2 (2009 CSA 1.2.1)

Appropriate for grades 1-2

Program Director Lindsey (in English) explores the characteristics of parent and offspring lettuce plants, then starts the spring garden by planting the first lettuce plant! 1st graders can learn with Lindsey, then work with an adult to plant a seed or young plant at home. A “Match the Plant Parent and Offspring” worksheet is provided.

No printer? No worries! Find a friend, family member, pet, of favorite toy to tell which plants you would match and why!

ideas for planting at home:


What do you wonder about? What do you notice?

Video lesson for 1st grade, in English, exploring seeds in the garden.

Please visit your Garden to Table garden to explore and learn! Students are encouraged to bring materials for drawing, journaling, or completing worksheets provided on our website. If you do visit a garden please help us to keep each other safe:

  • Be mindful of social distancing and avoid visiting when others present.  All municipal and BVSD regulations must be followed.  Please practice social distancing and wear a mask when others are present.
  • Help keep our staff and volunteers safe by not handling garden and irrigation equipment.
  • Produce from these gardens is used by schools, sent home with students, or donated to local food banks for families in need.  Please only harvest if in coordination with Garden to Table staff.
  • We grow cover crop in our gardens over the winter to improve soil health. What may look like weeds right now is actually feeding the garden!
  • School buildings are not open and maybe not be accessed for restrooms or any other purpose.
  • Concerns or questions about the garden?  Please email us at For irrigation emergencies, please call us at 303-564-0133.