Partnering Schools

Alicia Sanchez International Elementary School

Alicia Sanchez International School became a Garden to Table partner in 2017, as part of the GOCO grant, administered by the Nature Kids/Jóvenes de la Naturaleza Program. Sanchez is taking a break from GTT programming in 2022 to accommodate pandemic-driven schedule conflicts.

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS)

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies has been a Garden to Table partner since 2010. This East Boulder school has a beautiful new outdoor classroom adjacent to raised beds, which BCSIS students brought to life in the spring of 2019 after district bond construction was completed.

Columbine Elementary School

Columbine Elementary is a bilingual school in North Boulder that has partnered with Garden to Table since 2011. Their well-loved raised beds will need replacing soon - we're looking for a sponsor who would like to support this growing space!

Crest View Elementary School

Crest View Elementary, located in North Boulder, is all in with the Garden to Table program, and has been since 2007. With volunteer support, classes have taken garden care and education to the next level, working in extra studies in nutrition and pollinator protection.

Emerald Elementary School

Emerald Elementary school, in Broomfield, joined Garden to Table in 2013. After a completely new building was built, Emerald students planted in new beds in the spring of 2018. Two seasons in, their south-facing beds are growing like crazy!

Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer

Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer, in downtown Lafayette, has been a bilingual Garden to Table partner since 2015. The garden was remodeled in 2016 to improve student learning, and backs up to beautiful town open space.

Fireside Elementary School

Fireside Elementary has been a dedicated Garden to Table partner since 2009. Their unique in-ground beds are wonderfully placed at main entrance to the school, and are getting a PTO-funded rebuild in the spring of 2020.

Flatirons Elementary School

Flatirons Elementary has been a Garden to Table partner since 2007, and replaced their beds with improved materials in 2016. This small Boulder school donates their yearly harvest to Boulder Food Rescue!

Foothill Elementary School

Foothill Elementary, in North Boulder, joined the Garden to Table program in 2010. They recently added a garden container to increase accessibility to growing spaces.

Heatherwood Elementary School

Heatherwood is the newest addition to the Garden to Table program, becoming the 20th school in 2020. This Gunbarrel school has brand new beds provided by bond construction, and will soon be planting lettuce for the first time!

High Peaks Elementary School

High Peaks Elementary partnered with Garden to Table starting in 2011. After a move to temporary beds during bond work, 2020 will be their second season back in their beautiful courtyard beds.

Lafayette Elementary School

Lafayette Elementary became a Garden to Table partner in 2009. The garden's expansive in-ground beds are adjacent to Kid's Park, Boulder County's first wheelchair-accessible playground, and the garden has a wide pathway through it so that all may enjoy the space.

Louisville Elementary

Louisville Elementary started our Garden to Table program in 2011 to enrich student education, engage parents and help our community address health and environmental issues. The school community gathered in 2015 to build beds with a sunnier location and the sunflowers show their thanks every year!

Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak Charter school, in east Lafayette, became a Garden to Table independent partner in 2017. The parent group from this school continues to add garden space and new learning opportunities every year!

Ryan Elementary School

Ryan Elementary, in Lafayette, has been a Garden to Table partner since 2012. Their fun raised beds are integrated in to the playground, providing many opportunities for engagement and investigating.

University Hill Elementary School

University Hill Elementary, a bilingual Boulder school, became a Garden to Table partner in 2009. Exciting things are coming at Uni Hill, as bond construction in 2020 will bring brand new garden beds in a new location!

Whittier International Elementary School

Whittier International Elementary School is located in the heart of downtown Boulder and joined Garden to Table in 2011. Their combination of "sguiggly beds" and traditional rectangular beds makes their garden a fun creative space.