Our school garden program helps children to connect with nature, grow food and learn science.

Using our curriculum and garden services, 200+ teachers at 17 schools in Boulder County will bring 5,000+ students out to their school garden this year.

We are working to deepen engagement in school gardens by providing more training and support to teachers and parents, and creating more opportunities for garden-based learning such as summer camps, before/after school programs and more volunteer opportunities for youth and families. We aim to make school gardens more welcoming and meaningful to a greater diversity of students and their families through bilingual signage and improved communications.

We invite you to join us in making gardens an integral part of every school community! You can get involved by making a donation or signing up to receive our newsletter which contains gardening tips, educational resources and volunteer opportunities. Early Giving for Colorado Gives starts on Nov. 1 and goes until Colorado Gives Day, December 5th. Learn more here.

School Gardens benefit children’s health, education and environment.

Increases academic engagement

Research shows that outdoor classrooms refuel students for learning when they return to their regular classroom. Students who learn in outdoor settings become better thinkers. A majority of our teachers report that students are more engaged and better understand content when they learn in the garden.

Improves physical and mental wellness

Garden-based learning has positive impacts on the physical and mental health of children by increasing physical activity, improving states of mind, teaching important nutrition concepts, and exposing them to new fruits and vegetables which they are then more likely to eat.

Develops environmental stewardship

Garden-based learning fosters a connection to nature, an understanding of important ecological concepts, and an ethic of environmental stewardship. This will prepare students to solve our greatest environmental challenges. Learn more about our Climate Victory Garden methods.

See our program in action and hear from kids how much they love it!

Thank you Earth Coast Productions for capturing our little farmers in action!
6,010 students at 17 elementary schools in Colorado
1,500 students at Title 1 schools
89% of our students tell us they have tried a new fresh fruit or vegetable through our program
90% of our students understand their science curriculum better through hands-on lessons in the garden

Our school has unanimously chosen year after year to renew our contract with Garden to Table because of the quality of support they offer, the benefit to students and the ease of use for teachers.

Amber Billington, Emerald Elementary 3rd grade teacher