Our Roots

Starting with one elementary school community, Bryce Brown and Deborah Foy began exploring how to improve school food and enrich educational experiences through onsite gardens. Soon a movement was born engaging teachers, students, parents and the local community in a common purpose.

Through the efforts of many, two initiatives have been developed: the School Food Project and the Garden to Table program. Thanks to school and community support children benefit from our Garden to Table program. This program includes individualized Pre-K through 5th grade standard based curriculum lesson plans for the schools to foster hands-on learning, access and support to healthy eating habits, and environment stewardship. Since 2006, the Growe Foundation has been committed to using experiential gardens as a teaching tool to educate children about the benefits of healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Our vision is to unite people around a shared goal of creating healthier children, schools, communities and the planet.