Garden to Table Community Courses

Educator Professional Development and Volunteer Training

Stay tuned for information on upcoming trainings!

Teachers and volunteers are invited to attend all trainings together this season. videos of spring 2022 trainings are posted below.

Great news! Our 2022 and 2023 trainings were a huge success, and we’re looking forward to hosting more soon!

    Why a volunteer training? Why a teacher training?

    Garden to Table empowers school communities with gardens and curriculum to engage all students in experiential outdoor education. We are half of a partnership – the school (parents, volunteers, and teachers) are the other half. Without you, learning would not happen and the gardens would flounder, so we want to be sure you feel well equipped to partner with us as an educator, Garden Lead, or volunteer in the garden. This will be a chance to meet teachers and volunteers from your own and other schools, and learn answers to questions you may have about your school’s garden or gardening generally. 

    What do our trainings cover? 
    • Garden to Table curriculum design, resources, and options
    • Best practices in outdoor education
    • Resources for getting the most out of your school garden in the Fall season
    • Procedures and routines for management of the GTT partnership
    • Volunteer recruiting strategies
    • Lindsey LeCuyer – Program Director, is a former public school educator and has 10 years of experience as a Garden Lead at one of our partner schools.
    • Leslie Norcross – Community Engagement Director, is familiar with many aspects of our organization, with 9 years of experience as a Garden Lead at one of our partner schools, and 3 years as a Garden Coordinator.
    • Adoree Faul – Co-Garden Manager, has experience in permaculture, organic farming and education in both hemispheres, with a background in Human Nutrition and Food Science.
    • Courtlyn Carpenter – Co-Garden Manager, has worked on numerous farms across the United States and is involved with gleaning initiatives throughout Colorado.
    • Charlotte Sandkuhler – Curriculum Specialist, is a long-time environmental educator and BVSD sub, working on continued updates to our curriculum and providing support to increase student engagement in their school gardens.
    Credit and Stipend Details
    • Teachers – BVSD teachers may receive .25 Salary Credit for 7.5 hours of professional learning, or Instructional Seat Time and a $100 stipend upon completion of the entire course (5.5 hours in person and 2 hours independent).
    • We do not have funding for volunteer stipends this year, but we will provide child care as needed for all participants.

    Questions?  Please let us know. We’ll do our best to get back in touch promptly.

    Parent leadership and volunteer roles – raw video footage from April 9th, 2022 training
    5th grade cover crop lesson/outdoor classroom management – raw video footage from April 9, 2022
    2nd grade lettuce harvest and 3rd grade planting – raw video footage from April 9, 2022 training
    Stereotypes and biases that show up in school gardens – raw video footage from April 9, 2022 training
    GTT’s ecologically sound garden practices – raw video footage from April 9, 2022 training
    Video of online resources training held March 8, 2022