Whittier Summer Garden Stewardship


Weekly Checklist for Stewards
  • Read our Weekly Garden Guidance
  • Check the Virtual Garden Notebook (bottom of page) to see what’s new/what needs attention from last week
  • Visit the garden 3-4 times, While there, please:
    • Enjoy some time outdoors!
    • Irrigate. Water key to turn water on is in the shed (lock code: 28-04-16.) Please use the spray nozzle/hose to water the “squiggle beds” first. Then attach the black pipe to water the square beds using the irrigation system. Please turn the water off when you leave and return the key to the shed.  Soil in the top 6″ should feel like a damp sponge. Neither wet nor dry. Report leaks/dryness in new visit form.
    • Weed. Most of a gardener’s time is spent weeding. Our Weed ID Guide may help! When in doubt, remove all plants you see growing in the pathways between beds. If we weed well weekly, fewer plants will go to seed and we’ll have less work to do each year.
    • Check for vandalism
    • Tidy up (Coil the hose, gather up trash etc)
    • Harvest (See below for more info.)
  • Fill out Garden Notebook “New Visit Form” (Entries cannot be edited, but multiple entries are welcome!)

What do I do with produce I harvest?

You have two options—both great to do with kids!  After you weigh the donation (or estimate the weight) and record that in the New Visit Form, you can eat the food or take it to a food bank or food rescue and tell them it’s from your school garden, partnered with Garden to Table. Please upload a photo of the donation receipt into the “photos” section of New Visit Form. If you celebrate the garden or your harvest in social media, we hope you’ll tag us.

What’s in your school’s Notebook so far…?

(This is a view-only notebook. New entries may take some time to show up. Make as many entries as you’d like!)