Virtual Dinner Party was a success!

We are delighted with the outcome of our Virtual Dinner Party on April 22, 2021. Sixty people logged in to hear four brilliant women talk about equity in health, education and environment. Thanks again to Karen Bailey, Sam Messier, Elizabeth Crowe and Marta Loachamin!

We believe health, education and environment are highly interconnected. If a child is in poor health, they won’t do well in school. If they don’t learn important science concepts, critical thinking skills and civics, they won’t have the knowledge or skills to make good choices for the environment. And, if their environment is polluted or they don’t have access to nature, their health will suffer. To make a difference in one of these impact areas, we must address them all.

Bottom line? We need to make sure everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive and eliminate barriers that have historically and systematically gotten in the way for some groups. We happen to think school gardens are a great place to start!

With the help of our guests, speakers, sponsors, restaurant partners, auction donors and auction shoppers, we raised $11,500 for kids and their school gardens in Boulder County. It takes a village to grow a garden!

If you are already familiar with Garden To Table, skip ahead to minute 18 to watch the best part. Let us know what you think. What struck you as most important? Where did we fall short? We are always open to respectful feedback from our community.