Plant choices will vary by school based on local factors like garden size and placement, soil type, and frequency of plant-munching fauna like deer and raccoons!  In a typical year, each school will have a selection of the plants listed below.


We plant both bush and pole beans in our gardens, depending on site needs.  Some of our beans are a beautiful purple, while others are truly “green beans.”


Beet roots take a longer time to cook than many other vegetables, but their sweet taste is worth the wait!  They are often roasted and then served warm or cold in salads and side dishes. Their strong color also makes a good natural dye.  Beet greens can also be eaten like chard or other leafy… Read more »


Cabbage leaves are eaten both raw and cooked.  Shredded raw cabbage is the main ingredient in coleslaw, pickled cabbage is used in sauerkraut, and cooked cabbage can be a side dish or part of soups and stews. Cabbage became popular in Northern Colorado because it grows well in cooler climates.


Calendula/Marigolds are often used as a companion plant to deter insects.  The flowers are edible and make a beautiful salad garnish!


Since carrots are a root vegetable, pulling them can be an exciting surprise!  Carrots are a favorite to eat raw because of their sweet flavor, but can be cooked and used in many foods.  They are usually peeled before being eaten, but this is not a required step. Carrot greens can also be eaten and… Read more »


Chard leaves are eaten raw in salads, or both the leaves and stems can be steamed or sautéed as a side dish or soup ingredient.  The colorful stems of Swiss or Rainbow Chard keep their color in cooking, making for a beautiful plate!


Chives are used for flavoring and add a bite that’s a bit like a green onion but with their own unique taste.  Sour cream and chive is a popular combination.


Corn is eaten cooked and loved for its sweet flavor.  Corn can also be dried and ground up for cornmeal, which is used to make foods like tortillas and tamales, or some dried kernels can be heated until they pop!  Because of its high sugar content, corn can be used to make a sweetener called… Read more »


Cucumbers are usually eaten raw, simply sliced or in a salad.  Cucumbers are also commonly used to make pickles, though many other vegetables can be used for pickling.


Because of its high nutritional value, kale is such a popular food that it is sometimes seen mentioned on t-shirts!  Kale can be chopped up and used in salads, or steamed or sautéed as a side dish or soup ingredient.