Garden Grown Photo Timelines – Summer 2022

A timeline of the garden growth over the summer and a quick Social Emotional Learning reflection for any grade level
  1. Explore the images closely and describe any changes that you see to a shoulder buddy.
  2. Using any level of writing (list, sentence, or paragraph), in any language or images, describe how the garden changed over the summer. 
  3. Think quietly to yourself and then write about how you as a person changed over the summer.
  4. Visit the garden and observe how abundant it is with life.Talk with someone around you about how almost all these plants grew from tiny seeds! How are you similar to plants?
  5. Imagine how much you will grow over this school year. Make a list of three things you want to grow within yourself or with your community over the year.
  6. Return to the garden and this reflection over the year so you can know how much you’ve changed and grown!

(SEL Reflections shared by Mandi Leah, PhD Candidate in Education)

Louisville Elementary Summer Garden Photo Timeline

High Peaks Summer Garden Photo Timeline

BCSIS Summer Garden Photo Timeline

Heatherwood Elementary Summer Garden Photo Timeline

Flatirons Elementary Summer Garden Photo Timeline