Curriculum Update

Welcome to year two of our USDA Grant-funded curriculum update! Our new Curriculum Specialist, Charlotte Sandkuhler, has stepped in to continue the work started by Mandi Leah. We welcome your input on the new Lesson Menu!

Key Points:

  • Grades PK-5 have up to 3 lessons per season to choose from:
    • Current FOSS Unit Aligned
    • Current Garden Phenomenon that aligns with Spring FOSS Units
    • Non-Science Content Standards Aligned
  • Some lessons include KEY TASKS that help your garden grow and provide resources for other grades.
  • Teachers – you are the experts! Please use these resources as best suits your teaching style and the needs of your students.
  • We value teacher feedback! Email to share comments on lessons.

The key to making this work across our program is COMMUNICATION. Providing meaningful garden-based learning activities for an entire school takes some challenging calendar wrangling. (It’s part of what makes our program a success!) The last thing we want is for anyone to feel frustrated by heading out to the garden only to learn that the lesson or activity they had in mind won’t work. School-based volunteers and GTT staff are here to help – let’s keep in touch!