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Spring 2022 Schedule

Fall 2023 Update

We are still looking for an educator to fill this role for the fall! AmeriCorps member Miriam Holleb, serving with BVSD School Food Project, will be working as the Garden Educator at Columbine Elementary. We hope to have an educator for our other pilot schools soon!

Corina McBride, Garden Educator

Corina is a spunky AmeriCorps member serving Garden to Table as our Garden Educator. She hails from the muggy state of Florida but was most recently living at an outdoor education camp on Cape Cod. She has a Bachelors’ in Natural Resource Conservation with a specialization in Urban Agriculture and Global Leadership from the University of Florida. Corina implores others to push the status-quo in their life and community. Her motivation is getting everyone outside and teaching others about the wonders of the world. Her previous endeavors include teaching kindergarten and 1st grade, developing school gardening programs, leading adventure trips for middle-schoolers, running a Girl Scout troop, outfitting customers at REI, and gallivanting through the Swiss Alps while rattling off about environmental education. She is often found in a big bucket hat staring at trees or bugs while hiking with her dog Cosmo. She is ecstatic to explore the result of tectonic plates bunching up and pushing the ocean floor together- the Rocky Mountains!